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January 22, 2022  




Plan your escape now! 
January 22-29, 2022


  • Beauty and healing in the wild Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica


  • A few years ago, I knew I wanted to lead a retreat in Costa Rica so I did extensive research on retreat centers - there are many! I found Blue Osa which is located in a remote, quiet and wild part of Costa Rica - the Osa Peninsula. I brought a group there in in 2017. 

  • Having led retreats in many places regionally and abroad, I can easily say that Blue Osa hands down has the most beautiful grounds. A waterfront property that looks eastward, we enjoyed watching the rising sun each morning and swimming in the ocean to cool off in the afternoon. 

  • The upcoming retreat in January of 2022 will be a unique one, combining practices for renewal: yoga, meditation and the Feldenkrais Method through Debra Lerman who will be co-leading the retreat with me. Debra is a Physical Therapist and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner of over two decades. 

  • We are very much looking forward to these days in the warmth of Costa Rica after it is safe to travel once again. 

  • Would you like to learn more about this retreat? 


  • Plan your escape now! 
    January 22-29, 2022

  • Beauty and healing in the wild Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica


  • "All my expectations were exceeded...I loved, loved the yoga room.  And the central eating area was also fabulous: the music, bar, seating area was open, relaxing and encouraged interaction.  The staff were super."

  • "I loved that the beach was private and not dotted with other hotels and filled with people. The grounds were beautiful and they seemed to think of every aspect of a lovely retreat."

  • "Blue Osa is a beautiful resort. Great, friendly staff were always ready to help make you comfortable. The food was wonderful and perfect for a yoga retreat."

  • "The sounds are AMAZING!!!!!  The monkeys in the am and pm, the pulsing shrill of the cicadas, the routine squawking of the passing Scarlett Macaus and local Parrots….all create a delicious auditory experience. The swimming was wonderful and the staff at Blue Osa were so warm and friendly."

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