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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I have used a chiropractor most of my life, and much more in the last 5 years.  I've had a difficult time to keep the spine aligned - I keep having set-backs; because of slipping on loose rock, standing stationary too long, or whatever.   I was introduced to this class about 3 weeks ago.  Even after the first class, I noticed a change.  I did 3 classes, then did a 3000 mile road trip - and with no back issues.  Then did another 3 classes, and then a European river cruise with lots of walking, along with the airline flight over and back (25- some hours total) without any back issues.  I'm sold! Ron Kalmoe, a student in my weekly Awareness Through Movement Class at the Elks Performing Arts Studio Prescott, AZ 12-28-19

Dear Debra and Ann,

I have waited a week since the workshop you both taught at Juniper Wells Ranch to give a more accurate account of its benefits to me.

For me, the workshop has been life changing. And I mean that with deep sincerity.

For the last 20 years, I have wanted and “tried” to stay committed to regular yoga, mediation, and walking. And I haven’t had any consistency with any of these three desires. At best, my meditation was sporadic, my walks the same, and my yoga non-existent, despite having all three with regularity prior to 1999.

Whatever has been in the way of these practices has moved out of the way since last Saturday.

I am happily writing to tell you that every day, but one, since the workshop, I have done yoga and mediation . And for 5 out of the 8 days since the workshop, I have walked, gradually increasing distance.

And most importantly, my resolve to do these seems effortless....

So whatever was in the water there really worked for me!!

Really though, I have been sending you both gratitude for somehow being the sparks that ignited the easy commitment I now have to live my values for movement, flexibility, self care, and spiritual connection.


Dr. Betsy Arndt, a student in the Yoga and Feldenkrais Workshop, Juniper Well Ranch, Skull Valley, AZ 9-28-19

I realized that my Feldenkrais practice from years ago is still helping me to move better. Deborah, a student in the Yoga and Feldenkrais Workshop at Pacific Island Fitness Kailua Kona, HI 11-10-19

I really learned a lot about internalizing movements for more results. Amazing how a little bit more thought makes a big difference. Deborah Bedell, a student in the Yoga and Feldenkrais Workshop at

Pacific Island Fitness Kailua Kona, HI 11-10-19

Hi Debra,

Oh myyyyyy…. I had to write to tell you how wonderful yesterday’s class was for me.

I felt like Gumby when we were done. WOW! I’ve never had such extreme release and

freedom, ever! I was completely absorbed during the ATM and had no trouble following.

it was paced elegantly. thank you dear one for your truly valuable contribution.


Lee 6-30-20

My normally-reactive and very anxious dog was so soothed by Debra’s calming voice that he spent the duration of the zoom class super relaxed, half-asleep and barely moving, as though he were meditating.

Claire 6-30-20

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